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In the 1980’s, Taiwan was once a manufacturing kingdom that supplied worldwide brands with zippers and accessories. During that period of economic boom, business boomed for both the domestic and export market. After the warming up of relationship between Taiwan and China, Taiwan’s industry gradually moved overseas, causing serious impacts on business orders. Within a short period of 2-3 years, purchase orders dropped to only one-third of the original amount.  Taiwanese zipper manufacturers faced an unprecedented crisis…

Sewn onto the fabric, zippers are only about 2% of the total whether it is used in clothes, bags or shoes. In traditional industries, how matter how refined the design between the gear cloth, zippers have always played a supporting role. How can one break out of the 2% framework and make zippers different? Just when zipper manufacturers are totally frustrated, the unique technology of “coloring the gear chain” created a turnaround opportunity for the zippers as a supporting role.

After three years of effort, our research and development team created the world's only patented zipper printing pattern which transformed the zipper from an unsung role as an accessory to become the leading role that is eye catching, colorful, and has a kaleidoscopic color pattern!
The brand of Amazip, a Taiwanese bag brand, is thus created. The name of the brand is sourced from the combination of amazing and zip. Through the unique craftsmanship of professional designers and tailors, zippers are transformed into popular, stunning, and fashionable bags!

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