Q1 : What are Amazip’s zipper bags distinctive?

Amazip zippers are “Color cosmetic zippers” with Taiwanese patents. Just as cosmetics for ladies, we make up our sprockets by putting all types of colors and patterns on them. This way, the zippers look protean like textiles. In addition, with the patented technique, the color cosmetic zippers have a high level of color and rubbing fastness, so they can maintain their beautiful colors even after general washing with water.

Q2 : Are bags made with zippers solid?

Amazip uses solid zippers made in Taiwan. After lab testing, the zippers can withstand 63 kilograms of horizontal forces, so they are very solid and suitable materials for bags.  There is no need to worry about the bag breaking up!

Q3 : What is the material used on the bag’s zipper fabric?

Amazip uses polyester, which is the most commonly used manmade fiber. The fiber surface is smooth, with good flexibility and durability. Most importantly, that material is washable, with the best easy-care fibers.