Thank you for your trust and support of AMAZIP products. With purchases of AMAZIP products, you can enjoy the following services with the product tag:

  • 1. Returns
    Within 7 days of purchase, if there are serious problems with normal use, such as fabric line bursting or ruptures in the hardware accessories, you can return the product at the location of purchase.
  • 2. Maintenance
    Within 6 months of purchase, if there are problems such as line broken, line falling off, or hardware damage from normal use, AMAZIP provides free maintenance and services.
  • 3. The following conditions are not covered by sales service
    • a. Treated product or special price products.
    • b. Normal wear and tear, damages that are artificial or due to maintenance or improper use, such as dye fading, deformation because of properties of the fabric itself, surface scratches, special ribbon colors, leather LOGO, oil stains, and so on.
    • c. Self disassembly or repair or changing the product structure.
  • 4. Terms and conditions
    • a. During the warranty period, if improper use lead to product damage, the company confirms that it can be services, material fees will be required. Also, there is no guarantee that the product can restore to its original condition after servicing.
    • b. The company reserves the interpretation right for quality assessment to confirm the reason why the product is damaged.